Minecraft 1.4.7 Hacked Client – DarkMagic + Download

Minecraft 1.4.7 Hacked Client – DarkMagic + Download 🙂


Client: DarkMagic
Client by: DarkMagician6

“DarkMagic is the first client I made and after I showcased I heard from some users that they would like to give this client a try. At first I was not planning on releasing the client as it got some features that are not in other free clients. Now I decided to release it because some of the notable features will be patched soon by NC+.
This includes the GodMode and the Jesus. I also dropped development of the client so don’t expect any updates.
There might be a small chance that I update if enough people like the client. Also don’t expect that I will add/change stuff, I’m only releasing this for those few users who like it the way it is.” – DarkMagician6

– No pumpkin blur
– Changed texturepack
– Scaling nametags
– Optifine
– Login GUI

Toggable Features:
– Fullbright
– NoRender
– NoCheat mode
– Sprint [NC+]
– NoFall
– Jesus [NC+]
– Sneak [NC+]
– Xray
– Step [NC+]
– God [NC+]

Download: HERE!!!