Minecraft 1.4.7 Hacked Client – Laced + Download

Minecraft 1.4.7 Hacked Client – Laced + Download 🙂


Client: Laced
Client by: ZachShelly

The gui is not bound by default.
To bind it type “.bind [key goes here] gui” (without quotes) into chat.

“Laced was originally developed at the end of 1.3.2. It’s main focuses being pvp, simplicity and freeness. This still holds true today.” -ZachShelly

*Amazing Kill Aura – Chooses the best player to attack, faces them then attacks them.
*Beautiful Tracers – Draws lines to other players fades based on distance.
*TTF – Customizable font and TrueType Support.
*Smooth Bread Crumb – Draws a path from where you were.
*Advanced Waypoints – Place markers at specific cords (includes death markers).
*Fading Fullbright – Brightens up you day (or night).
*Optifine – Increases Fps and more graphics options.
*Auto Soup – Automatically eats soup (used for KitPvP servers).
*Auto Tool – Selects the best item from your inventory to break block or attack a entity.
*Speedmine – Speeds up the time its takes for blocks to break.
*Player Esp – Draws a box around a player.
*Chest Esp – Draws box around chests.
*Xray – Choose what blocks you can see (opacity).

Known bugs:
* Cave finder doesn’t work
* .duk doesnt work

Download: HERE!!!