Minecraft 1.6.2 Hacked Client – YesCheat+ + Download

Minecraft 1.6.2 Hacked Client – YesCheat+ + Download 🙂


Client: YesCheat+
Client by: 133spider

Down Arrow = Console

All the hack’s keybinds are set to the default: ‘NONE’
You must them customize them yourself.

*Type a hack name (or module name) in the console and hit enter to turn it on/off!
*bind set – Sets the keybind (Put NONE or none in to remove the keybind)
*module – Show the keybind for
*friend add
*friend del
*friend clear
*friend show – Shows a list of who’s in your friends list
*setstep – Sets step height for the hack ‘Step’
*listmodules <1/2/3/4/5> – List all the hacks (9 per page)
*clearKeybinds – Resets all the hack’s keybinds to ‘NONE’
*drop – Drops all items in your inventory
*dropid – Drops itemID from your inventory
*throw – Throws the item in your hand times (Does not drop the item)
*settimer – Sets the Timer speed for the hack ‘Timer’
*spam=Text – Spams ‘Text’ 10 times
*addxray – Sets Xray Mode
*listxray – Lists all available xray modes
*reload – Reloads tracers and radar
*getKeybinds – Lists all the hacks with a keybind
*rv – RemoteView’s that person
*rv disable – Disables RemoteView

*Criticals (Jump)
*Tracers (People in your friends list will have a blue tracer instead of a green)
*Wallhack (Players)

Q: What is a module?
A: Just THINK of it of another word for ‘hack’

Q: How do you delete a keybind from a hack?
A: Press ‘DOWN’ to open up the console and type bind set NONE

Q: Do people in your friends list save and does the keybinds save?
A: Yes

Q: How do you add ores in Xray?
A: In the console type addxray so addxray Emerald for Emerald and addxray Diamond for Diamond

Q: How do you use RemoteView?
A: Open the console and type rv (CaSe SeNSiTiVe) Example: rv MrTacoPlayer (Only views people near you)

Q: How do I disable RemoteView?
A: Open the console and type rv disable

Q: How do I change the keybind for console?
A: In the console type in bind set Console

Q: Help!! I accidently set the console’s keybind to something else and I cant open the console anymore?!
A: Go to your .minecraft folder, delete keybinds.txt and restart your minecraft. Or you can open keybinds.txt and find Console: and on the right of it you can change the keybind there. Don’t forget to save the txt file and restart minecraft after you’ve done that.

Q: What does the Toggle Console button in main menu do?
A: It toggles between the Test Console and the Current Console.

Q: How do I use IRC?
A: 1) go into console and type bind set IRC 2) press the key you set the IRC too and type #join 3) Wait until it says ‘YourUsernameHere has joined the channel.’ then you can just press the IRC keybind again and type to send a message. You can change your nick by typing #nick and you can leave the IRC whenever you want by typing #leave

Q: What are the rules for the IRC?
A: No Spamming, No Impersonating, No Harassing, Respect Others

Download: HERE!!!