Minecraft 1.7.2 – 1.7.5 Hacked Client – Voxiom + Download Link

Minecraft 1.7.2 – 1.7.4 Hacked Client – Voxiom + Download Link 🙂


Client: Voxiom
Client by: St0rymaker

Right Shift = GUI
.friends add/remove | Adds or removes a friend (used for Aimbot & KillAura)
.fly speed [speed] | Changes your flight speed. Warning: Everything above 25 could get you so far out, that the world won’t load.
.step height [speed] | Changes your step height.
.alias [oldname] [newname] | The names for nameprotect.
.name [name] | Changes your name (cracked servers).
.acc [name] [password] | Changes your account (premium + cracked servers).
.force mode [1, 2, 3] | Forcefield mode. 1: Players / 2: Mobs / 3: Both
.speed [speed] | Speed setting for the speed hack.
.speedmine [speed] | Changes your mining speed for the speedminer.
.help | Displays this list ingame.

FastPlace | Removes the right click delay, so you can place blocks way faster.
SpeedMine | Mines blocks faster.
Fly | Allows you to creative fly in survival mode.
Fullbright | Sets your brightness to 10000%.
Sprint | Auto-Sprint.
NoFall | Avoids fall damage.
Jesus | Walk on water.
Glide | When you’re falling, you’re gliding very slowly.
X-Ray | All blocks except ores are invisible.
Aimbot | Automatically aims at players (except friends).
Forcefield | Automatically hits players/mobs in a range of 6 blocks (except friends).
PlayerESP | Draws a box around players.
Tracers | Draws a line to players.
ChestESP | Draws a box around chests.
Step | Step higher than 0.5 blocks.
Spiderman | Climb walls like spiderman.
Speed (Timer) | Sets your timer higher = more game speed.
AntiKnockback | No knockback when hit.
AntiHurtcam (buggy) | No hurtcam when hit.
Day (buggy) | Sets your client time to day.
NoWeather | Sets your client weather to sunny.
Dolphin | Move faster in water.
HighJump | Jump 8 blocks high.
NoSlowdown | No slowdown on soulsand and in webs.
Sneak | Holds the shift key for you.
NameProtect | Protects the name of your friends or yourself.
Freecam | Move outside of your body and go through walls/the floor (turn fly on for this)
Nuker | Destroy blocks fast & automatic.
AntiCreeper | Warns you, when a creeper is in the near of you.
NoTripwire | Avoids tripwires (adds a bounding box to them = you can’t walk in them)
WaterFall | Automatically puts a water bucket under you, when you’re falling.
Account Switcher | Ingame and in main menu. Switches your account, name + password or only name (cracked).

Download: HERE!!!