Minecraft 1.7.2 – 1.7.10 Hacked Client – Mars + Download

Minecraft 1.7.2 – 1.7.10 Hacked Client – Mars + Download 🙂


Client: Mars
Client by: Paul Kellerman

“Mars was founded & developed by Paul Kellerman (OpenWave) to be a pvp-based hacked client. It is nothing special or unique, just your average combat hack. Although the main menu picture may be a little shitty to some of you, it still works pretty well. Mars takes all suggestions (stupid or not) into consideration… This client was never intended to be fabulous, so hate it or like it. There is the default darkstorm GUI API clickable gui dyed orange because I am not experienced with the minecraft GUI systems at all; the only thing I can do is a simple alt login (this is a reason why the alt manager is a swing gui).” -Paul Kellerman

Clickable GUI: Minus (-), Right-Shift, Grave (~) or Equals (=)
Default Command Prefix: .
List Commands: .help

AntiAFK – jumps automagically every 8 seconds to prevent you from automatically going AFK.
AntiHurtcam – stops your screen from flinching when taking damage.
AntiVelocity – stops all velocity upon hit.
ArrayList – displays all enabled modules on the right-upper side of the screen.
AutoClick – automagically clicks your mouse (configurable). Be careful whilst using this module!
AutoMine – automagically mines the current faced block.
AutoRespawn – automagically respawns upon death.
AutoSoup – automagically consumes soup in KitPvP. (configurable)
AutoTool – automagically switches to the best tool on block hit. (configurable)
AutoWalk – automagically walks forward.
Brightness – turns darkness into lightness.
ChestESP – draws OpenGL boxes around chests in range.
Criticals – jumps upon entity hit.
Dolphin – swims for you.
FactionFinder – the faction map exploit, easier to use. (not officially tested yet)
FastLadder – makes you climb ladders faster.
FastPlace – allows you to place blocks faster. (configurable)
Flight – your average flight. (configurable)
Freecam – allows you to explore the world outside of your body.
HorseJump – full horse jump power.
KillAura – aims & attacks entities in range. (configurable)
Legit – hides all Mars screen components.
NoBlind – removes the pumpkin blur, blindness and confusion.
NoCheat – configures the client to be nocheat appropriate.
NoFall – revokes all fall damage.
NoSwing – other players don’t know that you’re swinging your arm.
Phase – allows you to glitch through things.
PotionThrow – throws bad potions at other players.
PvPLog – logs you out at 1 heart.
Refill – Sends the /soup command every 15 seconds when your health changes.
Sneak – holds SHIFT (or the set sneak key) for you.
Sprint – sprints when moving forward.
Step – steps up a block or the amount of specified blocks for you. (configurable)
Tracers – draws lines to other players. (configurable)
Triggerbot – attacks the currently faced entity.
XRay – just your average XRay. (configurable)
Zoom – zooms in & out. Useful for spying. (configurable. You can also use the UP & DOWN arrow keys to adjust the zoom rate)

Download: HERE!!!