Minecraft 1.10.x WeepCraft Hacked Client (with OptiFine) + Download

Minecraft 1.10.x WeepCraft Hacked Client (with OptiFine) + Download 🙂


Client: WeepCraft
Client Created by: FLYCODER
Client Remade by: HypnoHacks

These are the settings that work on Hypixel without ban. People have gone 3+ days before ban with these settings, and that was only because it was a Staff ban. Feel free to mess with these settings, you may get an even better experiance than me.” -HypnoHacks

“WeepCraft started out in the minecraft 1.7.3 beta it was first showcased on youtube but after heavy demand & feedback it was quickly released
The name stands for Weep(Cry/Sadness)Craft(Maker/Creator) so CryMaker would what it stands for It is a large client with tons of features & as a result of that might not be the best for a first time client user Couple of weeks after the first release it was killswitched this was due to many people leeching the client & making money on it togather with a bunch of bugs it was easier to recode it Some time passed & WeepCraft Reloaded was released way more stable with a more smooth base WeepCraft is still being developed on & will most likely continue to be developed on for a long time” -FLYCODER

R SHIFT and In-Game Settings :: Cheat GUI and Commands
R CLICK on MOD :: Adjust Cheat Settings

Download: HERE!!!

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