Minecraft 1.4.7 Hacked Client – TGX Client (TeamGriefXpress) + Download

Minecraft 1.4.7 Hacked Client – TGX Client (TeamGriefXpress) + Download 🙂


Client: TGX (TeamGriefXpress)
Client by: 133spider

.help – Shows list of commands
.drop – Drops everything in your inventory
.nofall – Turns on nofall (By default its turned off)
Z – Sneak
R – Fly
X – One Hit
M – Render
O – Climb
G – Auto Hit
CAPS – Slow Move
Y – X-Ray
N – Freeze Health
C – Free Cam In
H – Free Cam Out

– Fly
– Sneak
– AutoBreak(Click Nuker)
– Render (Big name tag + Old Fullbright!)
– X-Ray
– Freeze Health (God Mode, Freezes Character, Doesn’t let you move until reconnect)
– FreeCam In/ FreeCam Out(FreeCam out lets you teleport to that location and FreeCam In returns to your current position)
– AutoHit (Doesn’t move your fists and hits anything near you)
– Climb
– Slow Move (Let’s you fly slowly)
– One Hit (Speedy Gonzales/Speed Mine/Instant Mine)

Download: HERE!!!