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General Requirements:

  • No copyrighted content.
  • The video must be created by the person submitting this form.
  • We only accept YouTube video URLs.
  • The video must be posted on your YouTube Channel in either ‘Public’ or ‘Unlisted’ status.
  • The video must have “for” in the video description.
  • No advertising non-approved services without permission.
  • No hate speech, racism, etc.

Video Requirements:

  • Video must be at least 720p+ resolution.
  • No watermarks or visual advertising present.
  • No blurry videos; depending on your video editing software, you may need to disable ‘Resampling’.

Audio Requirements:

  • Commentaries are allowed, but background music is not.
  • If you provide a commentary video, please do not include any background music.
  • In-game sounds are allowed, but background audio/music is not.


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