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  • Come Out and play

    Are you ready for some yummy fun? Come slay and play with us over at! Bring a friend, have some fun, and slay-away while enjoying a bite from our world famous Magical Kit Menu!


    ZOMBiES, FusionX PvP, WiZARDCraft Magic PvP, OiTQ, Anarchy, NCPxTREME, Skyblock, and more coming soon!

    Minecraft Version(s) Supported: 1.8.x – 1.12.x

    Server IP Address:

  • wizard-sword_jump

Magical Kit Menu

    • WiZARD Kit

      The WiZARD Kit includes the sexy WiZARD Wand, Chainmail Armor, 32 yummy cooked rabbits, and 64 beautiful roses to give to your hot, fresh, and sexy significant other!

    • L337 Kit

      The L337 Kit includes the L337 Wand, Iron boots, leggings, and helmet. A Diamond chestplate, a Sword with fire, knockback, and sharpness. A Bow with arrows, rose and more!

    • Nacho Kit

      The Nacho Kit includes the Nacho Cheese Spray Can Wand, Chainmail chestplate and leggings, Leather helmet and boots, Sword knockback, a bow with 64 arrows, roses and more!

    • Spicy Beef Kit

      The Spicy Beef Kit includes a Wand that is super duper spicy as $#*%, Leather helmet, boots, and leggings, a Sword with fire, a bow with 64 arrows, 64 roses and a whole lot more!

    • Taco Shell Kit

      The Taco Shell Kit includes a Crunchy Taco Wand, Gold boots, leggings, helmet, and chestplate. A Sword with sharpness, some steak, a bow with 64 arrows, roses and more!

    • Coming Soon Kit

      We are adding new Kits to our menu regularly so check back often to see our yummy new additions! Will it be a chalupa, an enchilada, a burrito or even some spicy salsa!?!


    How to play

    • Controls:

      2x Space = 2x Jump

      R Click = Gamemode

      /home = Main Lobby

      /store = Let’s Shop!

    • Rules:

       Have Lots of Fun

      Please Talk Sweet

      Always Dress Cute

       Go HAM Like a Boss

    • Features:

       Donator Perks

       Point-based Rewards

       Global Leaderboards

       …a whole lot more!!!

    Recommended Client

    Meet the Server Staff

    • MatthewH 

      — Da Boss
    • WiZARD 

      — Taco Eater
    • Vix 

      — Talk to Me!
    • Senk Ju

      Senk Ju 

      — Talk to Me!
    • Mr. Muhammad 

      — Support

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