Minecraft 1.5.1 Hacked Client – Edge + Download

Minecraft 1.5.1 Hacked Client – Edge + Download 🙂


Client: Edge
Client by: wulf

“Okay, so after the feedback I got from Sturburst, a lot of it was useful. So I re-wrote the base adding a constructor instead of getters and added a lot of new hacks. Also after I saw some people saying that they liked using the client, I actually really enjoyed the fact that people were using my client. However what I wasn’t too thrilled about is people taking the code and saying it was their client. Therefore I have decided to make it a public client with updates every two days. And yes, this is Sturburst just renamed to Edge.” – wulf

‘-‘. All chat commands have to start with the prefix ‘-‘.
– Prints ‘Oliver Berg Swag’ with a random colour.
– Used to test the colours of chat.
-toggle – Toggles any plugin. (Make sure you’re using capitals)

Ramisme – Rectangle methods
Oliver Berg – Chat colours
nKrypt – Keybind integer conversion
oacfakeman – Testing before release
Phil Dawg – being a sexy beast

Download: HERE!!!