Minecraft 1.5.2 Hacked Client – Colony + Download

Minecraft 1.5.2 Hacked Client – Colony + Download 🙂


Client: Colony
Client by: Godshawk

~ = Console

*Help – Shows help
*Spam – Spams the given message 5 times
*flood – Spams the given message 20 times; is a misnomer
*enchant – Forcibly enchants an item. Creative only. Credit to whymeman(?)
*speed – Speeds up the sprint hack. Currently broken
*bind – Binds to . Currently, to unbind, you do “bind none”.
*list – Lists all hacks and their keybinds
*friend – Friends . Currently has no effect but to change name colors. Kinda buggy; doesn’t autodetect player names
*enemy – Like above; only as an enemy.
(Yes, I’m aware that there’s no “neutral” command. I’m lazy.)
*timer – Sets the timer speed to the given amount
*reload – Reloads the client. Resets hacks, GUI, everything else the client loads.
*spy – See through ‘s eyes. Only works within ~100 blocks of . Autodetects the player from a portion of their name
*spylist – Lists all players you can spy on.

*Chest ESP
*Creative Nuker
*Waterwalk (Dolphin, not true waterwalk)
*Ownage’s Trajectories
*Creative Fly
*KillAura (Not yet NC+!)
*NoFall (MIGHT be buggy)
*Player ESP (Kinda buggy: Shows what armor the player has on, but the enchantment FX look WAY wrong!)
*Sprint (Undetectable)
*PvP Helper (_NOT_ NC+. Use at own risk on NC+ servers)

Download: HERE!!!