Minecraft 1.5.2 Hacked Client – Steam Client + Download

Minecraft 1.5.2 Hacked Client – Steam Client + Download 🙂


Client: Steam Client
Client by: hamste

Features and Keybinds:
Fly – ‘F’ to go flying!
NoFall – ‘N’ No fall damage…. as usual
Step – ‘M’ for usual step…
Sneak – ‘O’ to appear as sneaking on servers. (hide nametag)
FullBright – ‘B’ Nothing special…
Xray – ‘X’ Bit glitched, ores are quite dim.
Zoom – ‘L-CTRL’ Toggle Zooming 4x
ChestESP – ‘C’ Finds Chests…
KillAura – ‘R’ Targets all entities, and can attack multiple entities at once.
Speed – ‘G’ Run REALLY fast (not recommended on servers)
Jump – ‘H’ Forces you to be born as a kangaroo, and jump high.
Step – ‘M’ Usual step.
Soup – ‘P’ *CREDITS TO: “LordPankake” Auto Soups for you.
Climb – ‘L’ Every wall is a ladder. Also, includes slowfall which makes you drop like your on a ladder.

-help :Gives help and other commands…
-commands : Shows some commands
blah blah use above to find a bit more commands.

Download: HERE!!!