Minecraft 1.5.2 Hacked Client – SecuredClient + Download

Minecraft 1.5.2 Hacked Client – SecuredClient + Download 🙂


Client: SecuredClient
Client by: {Bl4ck-S30}KyL3

“Well, this client is diffrent from the other clients it has the newest method, Crypting(base64) and Md5 Crypting, what is this ? , well lets say you
have a password that is very simple but you would like to crypted it , so that nobody can findout what it is , so you just go ingame after logging in
you can choose between normal encrypting and md5, after you have choose which one you will take , you will see an gui with alot of explainigs with it and tatat you can
encrypt youre text so that nobody can findout what youre password or youre text is, if you want to have youre encrypted text back you just simply go to decrypt and type in there youre encrypted code , md5 has just the encrypted method (Ingame HotKey: R), base 64 has decrypt as well as encrypt method (ingame hotkey : B, V).

Well the client has also:
->xray , fullbright, nofall , speedmine , …

you can just simply open the console with (U) and enter there
.chatbinds too see all the chatbinds that exist.

We are planning on bringing soon to the new minecraft update that is coming out, a stresser feature with 3+ Strong shells hosted on a Vserver and RootServer,
a Stresser is a programm that Floods a server that you have entered the ip , that will bring the server to crash in seconds , if you have a good vserver shell
or Root Server shell, also we are planning on bringing a proxy as well as a change username option out… ” – fishtime9

U: Console
B: Encrypt
V: Decrypt
R: MD5 Encrypt


Download: HERE!!!