Minecraft 1.7.2 & 1.7.5 Hacked Client – Gemini Client + Download

Minecraft 1.7.2 & 1.7.4 Hacked Client – Gemini Client + Download 🙂


Client: Gemini Client
Client by: Krisp

“Gemini began as a crappy client used mostly for a coding project. After a while (after Nodus was discontinued) I saw an opportunity to release this client to the public and give them something to cheat with again. I started the re-code about one month ago. I did a lot of work and I think it’s pretty much pure bawss now 😉 Download links are on the download page, enjoy!” -Krisp

– (minus key) = Console

AutoBlock [NCP] – Automatically blocks when using KillAura.
AutoFish [NCP] – Automatically pulls back line after fish bite and recasts.
AutoJump [NCP] – Automatically jumps for you.
AutoQuit [NCP] – Automatically quits at |x| hearts. (Default 3 hearts)
AutoSoup [NCP] – Automatically eats soup for you when your health gets low. (KitPvP servers)
AutoSwim [NCP] – Automatically swims for you.
AutoTPAccept [NCP] – Automatically accepts /tpa requests from users in your friends list.
AutoWalk [NCP] – Automatically walks for you.
Breadcrumbs [NCP] – Draws a line behind you wherever you walk.
Bright [NCP] – Makes the world brighter. (Fullbright, Brightness, etc.)
CaveFinder [NCP] – Shows where caves are.
ChestESP [NCP] – Draws a box around chests.
Fastbreak – Breaks blocks faster than usual and gets rid of the break delay.
Fastplace – Removes the right click delay.
Fly – Allows you to fly.
Freecam [NCP] – Allows you to walk outside of your body and go through walls to inspect other parts of a map.
Glide [NCP] – Allows you to glide.
Highjump – Jumps [x] times higher than usual. (Default 3x)
Jesus – Allows you to walk on water.
KillAura [NCP] – Automatically attacks entities.
LockView [NCP] – When on, it will turn off the silent aimbot and aim physically. (Don’t turn on with Derp if you have photosensitive eyes)
MobESP [NCP] – Draws a box around mobs. (Blue for passive, red for hostile)
NameProtect [NCP] – Protects your name in the chat etc. by replacing it with your client name.
Names [NCP] – Makes name tags larger, more distinct, and shows the player’s distance away as well as their current health.
NoCheat [NCP] – Alerts you when you turn on a mod not compatible with NCP.
NoFall – Prevents fall damage.
NoKnockback [NCP] – Prevents knockback from anything. (Snowballs, players, fishing rods etc.)
NoSwing – Stops the swinging animation.
NoWeather [NCP] – Stops rain/storms on the client side.
Nuker – Breaks blocks very very fast. (Not to be confused with the l33t abo hake “Nucker”)
PlayerESP [NCP] – Draws a box around players.
Sneak [NCP] – Automatically sneaks for you.
Sprint [NCP] – Automatically sprints for you.
Step [NCP] – Automatically steps up a full block when collided horizontally.
Tracers [NCP] – Draws a line to all loaded players.
Track [NCP] – Draws a line or “breadcrumb” behind the selected player. (Set the player in the console or with chat commands)
TTFChat [NCP] – Makes the chat pwetty. (True Type Font chat)
Waypoints – Draws a box around the position and draws a tracer to the box. (Add them with the console or with chat commands)
Xray – Allows you to see through blocks to find ores.

alloff – Turns off all mods.
autoquit set [val] – Sets the value at which to quit. (For AutoQuit)
bind add [mod] [key] – Sets the keybind for the specified mod.
bind del [mod] – Removes the keybind from the specified mod.
bind show [mod] – Shows the current keybind of the specified mod.
cmdprefix set [char] – Sets the chat command prefix.
commands – Lists all commands.
enemy add [username] – Adds a user to the enemy list. (Enemies get prioritization in KillAura, get their names red, their tracers red, their PlayerESP red etc.)
enemy del [username] – Removes a user from the enemy list.
enemys clear – Clears the enemy list.
fakechat [msg] – Makes the specified message appear on the screen. (Uses “&” color codes. For example: “&cHello World” would make it red. Color codes: http://ess.khhq.net/mc/ )
fly set [val] – Sets the fly speed.
friend add [name] – Adds a user the the friends list. (Friends are exempt in KillAura, get their names blue, their tracers blue, their PlayerESP blue etc.)
friend add [name] [alias] – Adds a user to the friends list with the specified alias. (http://lmgtfy.com/?q=define+alias#)
friends clear – Clears the friends list.
friend del [name/alias] – Deletes a user from the friends list.
getitems [username] – Shows the player’s items, enchants, etc.
help – Gives help.
help [mod] – Shows the description of the specified mod.
highjump set [int] – Sets the highjump multiplier.
killaura mode [players/mobs/both] – Switches between the KillAura modes.
killaura speed [val] – Sets the KillAura speed. (NCP <= 15) killaura range [val] - Sets the KillAura range. (NCP <= 4.2) nuker set [BlockName/ID) - Sets the target block for Nuker. nuker mode [instant/click] - Sets the nuker mode. say [msg] - Sends a chat message to the server. (eg. ".help") track [username] - Sets the Track username. waypoints add [name] - Adds a white waypoint at your current position. (Turn on the Waypoints mod to see the waypoint) waypoints add [name] [%r] [%g] [%b] - Adds a colored waypoint at your current position. waypoints clear - Clears the waypoints list. waypoints list - Lists the waypoints. waypoints del [waypoint] - Deletes the specified waypoint. xray add [BlockName/ID] - Adds a block to the xray list. xray del [BlockName/ID] - Deletes a block from the xray list. xray set [%] - Sets the xray opacity.Download: HERE!!!