Minecraft 1.7.2 – 1.7.5 Hacked Client – Rubix (Alpha Remake) + Download

Minecraft 1.7.2 – 1.7.4 Hacked Client – Rubix (Alpha Remake) + Download 🙂



Client: Rubix (Alpha Remake)
Client by: osum54
Recoded and Updated By: connorftw

“This client I made for simplicity. I saw a request a while ago about a simple client that was user friendly and was very easy to use. The client has a gui with keybind toggles and has pages showing all the toggles and the last page has a info thing so you know your coordinates and stuff like that. Also the reason for making a new thread is cause I couldn’t edit the old post to update the client.” -osum54

“Recoded this client because WiZARD and I really miss it…” -connorFTW

Up Arrow = Open/Close Keybind List
i = Clickable GUI
LCTRL = Zoom
F = Fly
X = X-ray
B = FullBright
G = Speed
K = KillAura
M = MobAura
L = AnimalAura
Y = Tracer
H = Nuker
N = NoFall
Z = Sneak
C = Climb
J = SpeedMine
P = Step
O = NoRender
U = NoWeather
R = Text Radar
V = Chest ESP
= = Auto Swastica
– = Freecam
. = Aim Bot
; = Instant
, = FastPlace

Download: HERE!!!

Map Pack: Kingdom of the Guilds
Map Pack by: iPodRule1

Download: HERE!!!