Minecraft 1.7.2 – 1.7.5 Hacked Client – Matix + Download

Minecraft 1.7.2 – 1.7.4 Hacked Client – Matix + Download 🙂


Client: Matix
Client by: Paxii


Autotool: Automatically picks the best tool for blocks you hit
Fastplace: Place blocks fast
Radar: Shows players nearby
Speedmine: Mine faster
Drop: Drops the items you got in your inventory
Derp: ServerSide Derp
Hump: ServerSide Hump
L33tSp34k: Replaces some of the written letters with numbers
Minimap: Rei’s Minimap
AutoFish: Automatically fishes for you
Regen: FastHeal
Build: Automatically build structures with RightClick
Waterbreath: *You need a Bucket for this* Anti Drown
PotionEffects: Shows your current Potions
AutoMine: Automatically Mines
AntiFireBall: Blocks thrown Fireballs
AutoRespawn: You respawn automatically
AutoSign: Saves the entered text so you can spam with Signs
AutoArmor: Automatically puts Armor on
AutoAccept: Automatically accepts teleport requests sent by friends
Projectiles: Predicts Projectiles like Arrows, Snowballs and Potions
InfoTab: Shows a Tab with Information about the Player
NoSwing: Disables Swing
AutoRegister: Registers you Automatically
ArrayList: Displays the current active hacks in the top right corner

Fly: Fly Hack
Vanilla Bypass: Bypasses Flyhack on Vanilla Servers/Bukkit without AC/NCP
ACFly: Fly Bypass for AntiCheat
Bunnyhop: self explanatory
Freecam: self explanatory
Glide: Glide through the map like you are using a ladder
Jesus: Walk over water
Speed: Modify the runspeed
Sprint: Automatically sprints if you press Forward
Step: Step higher
Sneak: self explanatory
Faststep: Step up stairs fast
Spider: You can go up walls
Follow: Follows a Player | Only Looks at him, Walk is toggleable
HighJump: Jump High
LongJump: Jump Long
AutoWalk: Automatically Walks for you
SafeWalk: You won’t destroy Seeds etc.
AutoShift: Automatically holds shift when you jump on a ladder
NoSlowdown: No Cobweb slowdown
AntiFall: Uses NCP bug so you won’t fall off blocks (Perfect for Jump’n’Run”

Fullbright: self explanatory
Nuker: self explanatory
Reverse Nuker: Instead of removing blocks, it sets them
SpleefNuker: Nuker for Spleef
Nocheat Mode: Disables all hacks, that are detected by NoCheatPlus
ChestESP: ESP for Chests
PlayerESP: ESP for Players
MobESP: ESP for Mobs
ArmorESP: Shows weared Armor of enemies
Tracers: Shows lines to enemies
Nofall: Disables Fall Damage
Xray: self explanatory
NoRender: Disables Item Rendering (Increases Performance)
Timer: Speed up/Slow down the game
BlockESP: Draws a ESP around special Blocks
NameProtect: Set Nicknames for Players
Trail: Draws a Trail behind you
Wallhack: Lets you see entities trough walls
NoWeather: No Rain/Snow will be shown
AntiAfk: Sends a Random Command to the Server so you won’t get flagged as AFK
CaveFinder: Displays Caves
WorldEditESP: makes the marked field of WorldEdit visible

Killaura: Automatically attacks enemies nearby
Forcefield: attacks more enemies at once
ClickAimbot: Aims/Attacks when you click left mouse
TriggerBot: Attacks when you hover a enemie
AutoPVP: Automatically PVPs for you (walks to enemies and attacks them)
NoVelocity: AntiKnockback + No water push
Autosoup: Automatically eats soup
BowAimbot: Aimbot for the Bow
Criticals: Jumps when you hit an entity so you inflict more damage
AntiHurtCam: Disables the Shaking/red screen when you get attacked
FastBow: Arrow Machinegun
ArrowDodge: Avoids getting hit by an Arrow
QuakeBot: Aimbot for the Quake minigame

` ~ Grave | Right Shift = GUI
Console = Y
Fullbright = B
Fly = R
KillAura = F
Nuker = {
AutoPVP = – (minus)
NoCheat = V
ChestESP = C
PlayerESP = . (period)
Glide = Z
Jesus = O
NoFall = N
Radar = U
Sprint = M
Step = K
Xray = X
BlockESP = I


Q:How to use [Insert Mod Name here]?
A:open the console and enter “help [Insert Mod Name here]”. It shows the available commands for it

Q: How do I open the GUI/Console?
A: Press Grave for the GUI/Y for the Console

Q: I can’t open the GUI on a mac!
A: You have to rebind the key for the GUI (Mac doesn’t have grave) “.keybinds set GUI >Key<" enter the desired key where it says >KeyDownload: HERE!!!