Minecraft 1.7.2 – 1.7.5 Hacked Client – Aeon + Download

Minecraft 1.7.2 – 1.7.4 Hacked Client – Aeon + Download 🙂



Client: Aeon
Client by: LordPankake

Right Shift = GUI

Armor | Displays worn armor
AntiVelocity | Entity-dealt velocity is nullified
Aura | Attack entities around you
AutoArmor | Puts on the first set of armor you receive
AutoBow | Automatically shoots a bow at rapid speeds
AutoDisconnect | Low health = disconnect from server
AutoFish | Fishes for you. Go watch a movie or something.AutoTool | Chooses the most effecient tool based on the block clicked
AutoWeapon | Chooses the tool/weapon with the highest durability (A diamond shovel > iron sword)
BowAssist | Looks at entities with a bow’s trajectory
Build | Builds shapes with one click
Bright | Brightens up the world
Climb | Climbs like a spider
ChestESP | Draws a blue box around chests
Compass | Draws a compass on your screen pointing towards spawn
Clock | Draws a clock on your screen
Criticals | Jitters around to give your hits criticals
Dolphin | Float on water
Erratic | Teleport obnoxiously around a target
ESP | Draws a box around entities (based on chat commands). The more blue a box, the closer it is to you
Fastmine | Mine faster
Fastplace | Place blocks faster
Flight | Fly!
Freecam | Walk outside of your body! Remember to walk back to where you started from
Freeze | Shitty non-mobile god mode
Glide | Fall slowly
Lockview | Look at entities
Nuker | Break blocks around you by clicking (Configurable via chat commands)
NoFall | Take no fall damage
Regeneration | Regen health faster than normal!
Respawn | Respawn automatically when you die
Search | ChestESP but for rare / valuable blocks
Soup | Eats soup for you on KitPvP servers
Sprint | Sprints for you
Sneak | Holds shift
Step | Lets you step up blocks
Timer | Speeds up the game
TPAccept | Auto /tpaccept your friends
Tracer | Draws lines to entities. The more blue a line is, the closer it is.
Trajectories | Draws a path of where a projectile will land
Xray | Renders theworld at an opacity with ores and rarities being opaque.

Download: HERE!!!

Map Pack: Kingdom of the Guilds
Map Pack by: iPodRule1

Download: HERE!!!