Zombie Warfare!

Zombie Warfare!



Theatrical About:
LADIES!! GENTLEMEN!! FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD!! I give you… Zombie Warfare! What is this you might ask yourself, Well Don’t Be Hasty Now! Zombie Warfare is an Apocalyptic Online Game, created by YOURS TRULY, The Wonderful Team of AlterCodeStudios!! Where you go off and try to survive in a dark, dangerous world infected with the undead and mysterious creatures, searching, thirsting, growing even more hungrier every second, for you and your flesh, hoping to infect you and join them. Now how will you survive? That is all up to you, whether you are a lone wolf, and trust no one but yourself, or perhaps you want to form a group and depend on teamwork and leadership, that my friend… is all up to you, enjoy…

In Detail About:
Zombie Warfare is a game created by the AlterCodeStudios team. It’s an online/multiplayer based Zombie Survival