Minecraft Falcon2 PvP – 1.7.2 – 1.7.5 Hacked Client + Download Link

Minecraft 1.7.2 – 1.7.4 Hacked Client – Falcon2 + Download Link 🙂


Client: Falcon2
Client by: nKRYPT

“Falcon2 is the sequel to my previous client, Falcon. As it’s always been, the motivation for the client is to be cheap, high quality, beautiful and easy to use. If there’s one thing Falcon2 does very well, it’s PvP. So if you’re looking for a great and cheap client, no need to look any further.” -nKRYPT

Right Shift = GUI
.as id – Sets the AutoSoup item.
.bsearch – Shows you the IDs blocks/items containing the name you have entered.
.die – Kills your player.
.f add – Adds a friend.
.f rem – Removes a friend.
.help – Displays commands.
.irc – Sends an IRC message.
.ircList – Shows the list of users that are using the client.
.mods – Displays all modules.
.rv – Sets the player for RemoteView to show.
.rv clear – Deactivates RemoteView and shows your player’s view.
.t – Toggles specified module.
.vsa – Toggles VelStep short arrow mode.

AimBot – Silent AimBot for the KillAura that responds quickly to an entity’s movement.
Aura – Automatically hit entites within the set range, at a quick speed.
AutoRespawn – Automatically respawns the player when you die.
AutoSoup – When your health reaches the threshold (or lower) set.
AntiCensor – Censors your player when you curse so that the server doesn’t catch you.
AntiVelocity – Prevents the player from receiving knockback packets.
Criticals – Performs critical hits with the Aura, without you needing to jump.
Fly – Allows your player to fly while in survival or adventure mode.
Friends – Allows you to specify particular players that the Aura shouldn’t attack.
Fullbright – Makes all your surroundings brighter, so you can see in the dark.
GodMode – Prevents damage to the player on NC+ servers.
IRC – Allows you to chat with other players using the client.
Jesus – Lets you walk on top of water on servers with or without NC+.
NameTags – Enlarges the player’s name tags as well as makes them visible through walls.
Parkour – When falling, it will force you back to the previous position you was, when on the ground.
Phase – Lets you glitch through blocks such as Iron Bars and Glass.
PlayerESP – Draws a box around the players, and the closer the player gets, the more red the box gets.
RemoteView – Allows you to see in the point of view from other players within your rendering distance.
Retard – Makes your player server sidedly hit, aim, and look randomly.
SafeWalk – When sneaking, you can’t fall off a block. SafeWalk does that, without sprinting.
Search – Draws a box around the specified blocks, and allows you to set the color of each block’s box.
Sprint – Makes you automatically sprint, when moving forward. It also allows you to sprint faster than normal.
Step – Normal NoCheatPlus Step that allows you to move up 1 block.
Tracers – Draws a line to the players, and the closer the player gets, the more red the line gets.
TTF – Changes your Minecraft chat into a beautiful chat that uses TTF (TrueTypeFont).
VelStep – Step up to 8 blocks on any NoCheatPlus server by simply either getting hit by a player or mob, or by hitting yourself with arrows.

Download: HERE!!!