Minecraft 1.8 – 1.8.9 Hacked Client – Pepan (with OptiFine) + Download

Minecraft 1.8 Hacked Client – Pepan (with OptiFine) + Download 🙂


Client: Pepan
Client by: Pepi and Sneaky

Y – gui
K – killaura [ncp]
H – AntiVelocity [ncp?!]
L – Sprint [ncp]
C – Criticals [ncp]
#help – _o-
Aimbot – o [ncp]
Brightness – b
Flight – r [20 times hit = fly [ncp]]
Nofall – v
Sneak – z
Step – g
Fastplace – m
some others are in gui <3 Credits:
Pepijnownt/eZSneaky: Putting this together, making modules and being smexy!
Ownage: Some lines of code, don’t hate :3.
TehKinky/ikinky: Givin’ the Kinky 1.5.2 source – used much of it :).
lordpankake: Giving much code/tips.
WiZARD: ultra sexy az fuck
oldGhostFlow: Giving me much pseudo codes, and being a awesome C# coder <3. teamautism/Godshawk: Giving much code away 2 leach frum- jk. Funix/Fluffyhhhh: Being a smexy dude and teachin' me Java. Sketch: Nodussing me, got me into the dark world of Minecraft. Snorflake: Uploading Auxentity source, took some managing of it. Connor: Smexy tuts made me understand the Minecraft source. Mario: Stole AltManager of him, doesn't work correctly - lol, it's probably made by lordpankake tho. SirJava: damn bro you got a sexy ass Axiom: People told me some of my code was from Axiom, so here's the credihtttt :D. Download: HERE!!!