Minecraft 1.8 – 1.8.9 Hacked Client – ReKt + Download

Minecraft 1.8 Hacked Client – ReKt + Download 🙂


Client: ReKt
Client by: Anonymous_H4x0r

“ReKt Client: Now with over 100 Hacks! Some Hacks only work in Single Player but are still fun to use. All Hacks are used in a way to attempt to bypass NoCheat. Many Hacks will ByPass NoCheat. Whether or not it will bypass NoCheat is depending on which NoCheat the server has. Have Fun :)” -Anonymous_H4x0r

To Open Menu= L Ctrl
To Open commands = –
To Hide Overlay= P
To Open GUI = R Shift

-help. Show/Hide Help
-help2. Show/Hide Help
-spam. Spams the Chat
-1spam. Spams the Chat
-2spam. Spams the Chat
-3spam. Spams the Chat
-4spam. Spams the Chat
-5spam. Spams the Chat
-6spam. Spams the Chat
-fly. Enable/Disable fly
-step. Enable/Disable step
-superstep. Enable/Disable SuperStep
-jump. Enable/Disable HighJump
-highjump. Enable/Disable HighJump
-sjump. Enable/Disable SuperJump
-superjump. Enable/Disable SuperJump
-nofall. Enable/Disable nofall
-main. Enable/Disable main manipulation
-menu. Show/Hide Menu
-hide. Hide Overlay
-show. Shows Overlay
-freeze. Enable/Disable FreezeAI
-freezeai. Enable/Disable FreezeAI
-fullbright. Enable/Disable FullBright
-bright. Enable/Disable FullBright
-climb. Enable/Disable Climb
-explode. Enable/Disable Exploding Projectile
-sneak. Enabled/Disable Sneak
-noswing. Enable/Disable No Swing
-kys. Enabled/Disable kys
-bubble. Enabled/Disable bubble
-kill. Enabled/Disable Monster Kill
-close. Close watever is open

fly. This enables you to fly
step. Lets you step up a block rather then jumping
superstep. Lets you step up to 500 blocks
HighJump. Allows you to jump 2x the normal jump
SuperJump. Allows you to jump way higher then the normal jump
NoFall. Disables fall damage
Main Manipulation. See “Main Manipulation”
FullBright. Makes it as brigt so you can see
Freeze AI. Freezes the AI making them unable to move. This usally does not work in Multiplayer
Hide. Hides the Overlay
Menu. Shows the menu
climb. Allows you to climb up walls
Exploding Projectile. Makes most Projectiles explode!
Sneak. Makes you sneak server side
No Swing. Your play will not swing server side.
kys: Attempts to kill everyone on the server(Including you!!!)
Bubble: Random bubbles while in water(Another hack will use this in future update)
Monster kill: Kills all monsters!

Main Manipulation:
This is a Hack that does many things. Some for single player some for both.
This will edit a lot of the blocks and items in the game.
This hack is exclusive to this Client and will not be found in any other client.
This includes over 100 Manipulations to the game!

With this activated you can.
Breathe underwater.
No longer starve.
Manipulates many blocks such as gravel,Lava,Ice, etc.
Creepers won’t explode!

All can not be listed. Just explore!
Know your Minecraft experience will be enhanced!

Additional Information:
Client Name: ReKt
Client Version: 1.3.2
Cleint Author: Anonymous_H4x0r
Minecraft Version: 1.8
OptiFine: False
Click GUI: False
KeyBinds: True
Console: True
Multiplayer: True
Single Player: True
Tested: True
Bypass NoCheat: True/False
VIP Features: False
Free: True
Auto Updates: False

Download: HERE!!!