Minecraft Matrix Client 1.8 – 1.8.9 Hacked Client + Download

Minecraft Matrix Client 1.8 – 1.8.9 Hacked Client + Download 🙂


Client: Matrix Client
Client by: RealCG

“Hello all! I’m happy to announce our first public client (named “Matrix”). I’ve been working hard at it for a month now, and it’s coming along very well. Thanks to Team Sensation for the help with ESPs!…

The client is called “Matrix.”

Matrix is only slightly buggy, but it’s sporting a ClickGUI with loads of sexy hacks and bypasses ;).
Burritaco.” -RealCG

G | Ghost Mode (Hides HUD)
Right Ctrl | Click GUI
Tab | Zoom

(A minus sign means the mod has no keybind.)

Doesn’t need a bypass:
[Right Shift] Click GUI
[B] AimBot
[‘] Anti NCP (Enable to bypass NCP)
[-] AutoFish
[-] AutoLeave
[-] AutoMine
[-] AutoRespawn
[-] AutoSwitch
[U] AutoTool
[-] AutoWalk
[-] BuildRandom
[-] BunnyHop
[-] Derp
[-] Dolphin
[-] Freecam (Buggy)
[V] FullBright
[G] Ghost Mode (Hides UI)
[-] Headless
[-] Item ESP
[-] Mob ESP
[-] Player ESP
[R] Sprint
[Y] Tracers
[-] Twerk
[X] X-Ray

[TAB] Zoom (toggles)

Blocked by NCP:
[-] AntiFire
[-] AntiPotion
[-] AntiWeb
[-] ClickNuker
[O] FastBreak
[-] FastEat
[-] FastLadder
[M] FastPlace
[F] Flight
[J] Glide
[-] Jetpack
[-] Noclip (Buggy)
[Z] NoFall
[N] Nuker
[-] Regen
[-] Speedy Gonzales
[H] Spider
[-] Timer
[-] Torch Nuker

[L] Bow AimBot
[I] Crits
[K] KillAura
[-] MobAura
[-] Phase
[U] Sneak
[C] Step
[P] TriggerBot

Additional Information:
To-do list:
+ Add OptiFine 😛
+ Add some themes

rel-1.5: Fixed a fatal bug in 1.1 where Slick was missing :/, fixed hypercooled theme, added a hub, redid main menu and buttons, general optimizations, renamed to “Matrix” from “M4TR1X”. I’m very proud of this update.
rel-1.1: Bugfixes, redid BowAimbot, fixed tracers, new Hypercooled theme
rel-1.0_patch: Patched a fatal bug
rel-1.0: Initial release

Download: HERE!!!

🙂 🙂 🙂