Minecraft 1.9 Protocol Hacked Client + Download

Minecraft 1.9 Protocol Hacked Client + Download 🙂


Client: Protocol
Client by: Hypno/Schlap

“If you crash while clicking multiplayer, delete your servers.dat (%appdata%/.minecraft/servers.dat). For some reason the old servers.dat crashes people. Also remember that crashing on some servers could also be connected to the current spigot version, as it is very buggy for 1.9 clients. Note this is an early release, many things are being put back in and changed in the future.” -hypnohacks

Arrow Keys – Tab GUI
R SHIFT – Cheat GUI (1.8.x only)
,help – Help Menu
.bind [mod] [key] – Keybinds

Command help:
.friend (I haven’t gotten around to updating the display name to 1.9 yet, will soon.)

Default keybinds:
Aura: R
Flight: F
XRay: X
Step: L
Fastplace: P
Blink: C
Player ESP: [
Fullbright: B
Fasteat: I
Freecam: U
Anti Invis: Comma
Nofall: N
Sneak: Z
Download: HERE!!!

🙂 🙂 🙂