Minecraft 1.12 Aristois Hacked Client (with OptiFine) + Download

Minecraft 1.12 Aristois Hacked Client (with OptiFine) + Download 🙂


Client: Aristois
Client by: Alexander/Deftware

GUI: Right Shift
Commands: .help
IRC: # to talk in the IRC
Keybind: .setbind | or you can middle-click a mod in the GUI.

Tab-Gui – Tab gui for the modules
Hud – The onscreen hud showing info
Active-Mods – Displays your active mods on screen
Saturation-Display – Displays your saturation in the hotbar
Better-Nametags – Better nametags for players
Flight – Allows you to fly on servers without anticheats
Speed – Allows you to move faster, works on boats/horses too
Chat-Mute – Mutes the ingame Minecraft chat
Auto-Tool – Automatically picks the best tool when you break a block and weapon when you hit an entity
Panic-Mode – Temporarily removes all traces of the client
Chatcolor – Allows you to use color codes like &c in chat [Client only]
Criticals – Criticals on every hit
Killaura – Automatically hits near entites
No-Fall – Prevents fall damage
Triggerbot – Automatically hits the entity you are looking at
Bow-Aimbot – Automatically aims your bow at nearby entites
Fullbright – Makes the world brighter
BHop – Makes you jump with an increased speed while walking
Timer – Speeds up/Slows down the game
XRay – Allows you to see ore in the ground
Block-ESP – Draws an outline around selected blocks
Anti-AFK – Walks around randomly to prevent you from being kicked
Waypoints – Draws a line to your set waypoints
Nuker – Nukes chosen blocks around you
Prophunt-ESP – Allows you to see players on some servers in the prophunt minigame
Goto – Walks automatically to selected coordinates
Truesight – Allows you to see invisible entities
RGB-Enchantments – Makes your enchantments rainbow colored
Anti-Slowdown – Prevents slowdown on soul-sand, webs and eating/using a bow
Freecam – Allows you to move around freely
Anti-Knockback – Prevents knockback from other players and explosions
Reach – Allows you to reach further
Jetpack – Fly like you had a Jetpack
No-Weather – Disables weather (Snow, Rain, etc)
Anti-Blind – Removes effects such as nausea
Inventory-Walk – Allows you to walk while in the inventory
Auto-Armor – Automatically puts on the best armor
Auto-Disconnect – Automatically leaves a server when your health is low
Auto-Eat – Automatically eats when you’re hungry
Auto-Soup – Automatically eats soup
Auto-Splashpot – Automatically uses splash potions under you
Safe-Walk – Don’t fall off blocks
Auto-Reconnect – Automatically reconnects you to a server if you are disconnected
Automatic-Bow – Hold your right mouse button to automatically fire arrows with a bow
Auto-Fish – Automatically fishes
Radar – Shows nearby entites on your screen
Auto-Mine – Automatically mine the block you are looking at
Auto-Walk – Walks for you automatically
Auto-Parkour – Automatically jump at the edge of blocks
Auto-Totem – Automatically use a totem of undying when falling/dying in pvp
Auto-Steal – Automatically steals all content in chests
Armor-Hud – Draws your current armor above your hotbar
Mini-player – Draws a mini version of you in the right corner
Auto-Sneak – Always sneak
Boat-Fly – Allows you to fly in boats
Horse-Fly – Allows you to fly with horses
Extra-Elytra – Fly for a unlimited time with a elytra
Fast-Ladders – Allows you to climb ladders faster
Glide – Makes you glide instead of falling
Jesus – Allows you to walk on water and lava
Auto-Sprint – Always sprint
Scaffold-Walk – Automatically place blocks infront of you when walking
Spider – Allows you to climb up walls
Water-Jump – Jump on water as if it were a trampoline
Anti-Slipperiness – Removes slipperiness effect from blocks like ice
Bunny-Jump – Allows you to jump higher
Step – Increases your step height
Trajectories – Draws a line where things like arrows will land
Breadcrumbs – Leaves a trail after you when you walk
Fast-Place – Removes the delay when placing blocks
Fast-Break – Allows you to break blocks faster
Auto-Respawn – Automatically respawn after dying
Derp – Makes you derp around
Regen – Regenerates your hearts faster. Requires full hunger bar.
Anti-Fire – Prevent damage from fire. requires full hunger bar.
Middle-Click-Friends – Middleclick players to add them as a friend
Annoy – Repeats messages sent by a player
Chat-Spammer – Spams a message of your choice
Unfocused-CPU – Limits FPS when Minecraft is unfocused
Name-Protect – Hides your name in chat, client side only!
Skin-Blinker – Toggles your skin layers on and off
Twerk – Twerk like Miley Cyrus
Blink – Allows you to “teleport” up to 10 blocks
Fancy-Chat – Makes your chat messages fancy, can bypass chat filters
Dinnerbone – Turns you upsidedown, client side only
Hacker-Detector – Detects hackers near you
Message-Movement – Send chat messages of what you do
Infinity-Chat-Length – Allows you to send longer chat messages
Ghost-Hand – Allows you to reach blocks behind walls
Auto-Eject – Automatically throws out blocks you don’t want
Auto-Sign – Automatically puts text on a sign you place
Phase – Allows you to glitch trough blocks on NCP servers
Player-ESP – Draws a outline of all players near you
Mob-ESP – Draws a outline of all mobs near you
Item-ESP – Draws a outline of all items near you
Chest-ESP – Draws a outline of all chests near you
Player-Tracer – Draws a line to players near you
Chest-Tracer – Draws a line to chests near you
Prophunt-Tracer – Draws a line to fake blocks in prophunt games

Download: HERE!!!

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