Minecraft Deluge Client 1.8.x (UPDATED) 1.8 – 1.8.9 Hacked Client + Download

Minecraft Deluge Client 1.8.x (UPDATED) 1.8 – 1.8.9 Hacked Client + Download :)



Client: Deluge (UPDATED)
Client by: Michael Scott, IHL, and MartonDev

“Deluge hacked client. Client originally made by Ihl, reborned by MartonDev. Disco Party is skidded from this.” -MartonDev

.help = COMMANDS
Module/cheat list: (format: Name, Description, Category, Keyboard Shortcut)
new AntiCactus(“Anti Cactus”, “Don’t get hurt when standing on a cactus”, Category.PLAYER, “NONE”);
new Aura(“Aura”, “Kill everything near you”, Category.COMBAT, “F”);
new AutoPotion(“Auto Potion”, “Splash health potions when needed”, Category.COMBAT, “I”);
new Blink(“Blink”, “Simulate lag”, Category.PLAYER, “B”);
new CameraClip(“Camera Clip”, “Allow third person camera to clip into blocks”, Category.RENDER, “NONE”);
new Chams(“Chams”, “Render entities through blocks”, Category.RENDER, “NONE”);
new Commands(“Commands”, “Enable in-game chat commands”, Category.MISC, “NONE”);
new Console(“Console”, “Enable GUI console for command input”, Category.MISC, “NONE”);
new CPS(“CPS”, “Monitor your clicks-per-second”, Category.MISC, “NONE”);
new Criticals(“Criticals”, “Deal critical hits”, Category.COMBAT, “NONE”);
new Damage(“Damage”, “Force yourself to take damage”, Category.PLAYER, “NONE”);
new Distance(“Distance”, “Change the third person camera distance”, Category.RENDER, “NONE”);
new ESP(“ESP”, “Render outlines around entities”, Category.RENDER, “NONE”);
new FastClimb(“FastClimb”, “Climb ladders and vines faster”, Category.MOVEMENT, “NONE”);
new FastPlace(“FastPlace”, “Allows you to place blocks faster than normal”, Category.PLAYER, “P”);
new FastUse(“FastUse”, “Finish using items faster”, Category.PLAYER, “NONE”);
new Fly(“Fly”, “Enable creative fly”, Category.MOVEMENT, “R”);
new Freecam(“Freecam”, “Ghost through blocks client-side”, Category.MOVEMENT, “C”);
new Friends(“Friends”, “Whitelist friends for combat mods”, Category.MISC, “NONE”);
new Fullbright(“Fullbright”, “Brighten up the world”, Category.RENDER, “H”);
new Glide(“Glide”, “Slowly decent to the ground”, Category.MOVEMENT, “NONE”);
new GUI(“GUI”, “Open the radial GUI”, Category.RENDER, “RSHIFT”);
new Jesus(“Jesus”, “Walk on water”, Category.MOVEMENT, “NONE”);
new MenuWalk(“Menu Walk”, “Walk when in a GUI”, Category.MOVEMENT, “NONE”);
new Nametags(“Nametags”, “Render player nametags through blocks”, Category.RENDER, “NONE”);
new Noclip(“Noclip”, “Clip through all blocks”, Category.MOVEMENT, “NONE”);
new NoFall(“NoFall”, “Allows you to not take fall damage upon falling”, Category.PLAYER, “N”);
new NoSlow(“No Slow”, “Prevent slowing down when using items”, Category.MOVEMENT, “NONE”);
new NoView(“No View”, “Prevent the server changing your view direction”, Category.PLAYER, “NONE”);
new Plugins(“Plugins”, “Get a list of server plugins”, Category.MISC, “NONE”);
new Phase(“Phase”, “Clip through non-solid blocks”, Category.MOVEMENT, “NONE”);
new Pinger(“Pinger”, “Spoof a perfect ping of 0”, Category.MISC, “NONE”);
new Sneak(“Sneak”, “Enable server-side sneaking”, Category.MOVEMENT, “NONE”);
new Speed(“Speed”, “Apply a movement multiplier”, Category.MOVEMENT, “G”);
new SkinDerp(“Skin Derp”, “Make your clothing layers toggle”, Category.MISC, “NONE”);
new Sprint(“Sprint”, “Automatically force sprinting”, Category.MOVEMENT, “G”);
new Step(“Step”, “Step up blocks like stairs”, Category.MOVEMENT, “NONE”);
new StorageESP(“Storage ESP”, “Render outlines around storage blocks”, Category.RENDER, “NONE”);
new Swing(“Swing”, “Reset the swing animation faster”, Category.PLAYER, “NONE”);
new Tracer(“Tracer”, “Render lines to entities”, Category.RENDER, “NONE”);
new VClip(“VClip”, “Clip vertically down through blocks”, Category.MOVEMENT, “NONE”);
new Velocity(“Velocity”, “Change the knockback velocity”, Category.COMBAT, “V”);

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