Minecraft KiLO Client 1.12.2 Client (with OptiFine, Add-ons + More) + Download

Minecraft KiLO Client 1.12.2 Client (with OptiFine, Add-ons + More) + Download 🙂

Client: KiLO
Client by: TeamKiLO

The Minecraft KiLO Client is the next-generation of Minecraft Gaming! Developed with the Player in-mind, KiLO is a totally customizable experience designed just for you! The future is here…

KiLO runs off the KiLODIAN api framework which is fundamental to the KiLO experience. Using immense technologies, KiLO is more than just a beautiful interface, it features incredible new features not seen yet including Dominos Pizza Ordering, Music, Friends, MyKiLO and much more…

KiLO is not just a beautiful experience, we have totally revolutionized the in-game experience bringing you a remarkable experience playing.

We have wanted to make every Minecraft user unique, we have done this by adding a variety of purchasable add-ons to bring your KiLO experience to life.

We have totally optimised the KiLO experience to make it intrusively lightening fast, responsive and connected to run on multiple platforms including Windows, Apple Mac OS X, and Linux. All your favorite songs, friends and servers shared between all your computers.

Need Support? We’ve got you covered! Contact our 24/7 team or hit us up on the forums, we’re always here to help 🙂

Do you own a Minecraft Server? but fear that mods allow users to mess around with your server? Well… Not Anymore!. KiLO’s multiplayer experience is built with server owners in mind, to allow them to control what users can use on their server.

Allowing you to make sure users don’t break the rules & to show you how serious we are about this… We are giving this to Server Owners for FREE.

ESC: KiLO Options
M: Music Player

Friends Manager
Friends Messaging System
Friends Game Invite
Music Player
Much More!

Download: HERE!!!