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  • About Reflex

    The Reflex Hacked Minecraft Client, developed by the ReflexProUK Team, provides users with a full array of on-demand, in-game mods and hacks that are instantly deployable and perfect for combat and griefing!

    The Reflex Minecraft Hack has been around since Minecraft version 1.5.2.

    The Reflex Team includes Lead Designer, Harrison, and Lead Developer, BillyBob.

  • BillyBob 

    — Lead Developer
  • Harrison 

    — Lead Designer


    • Over 45+ Cheats

      The Minecraft Reflex Hacked Client comes packed with over 45+ cheats that let you rule the playing field. All cheats are instantly deployable at a moments notice…you rule the game!

    • Multi-theme Selector

      Reflex comes packed with a wide variety of custom themes to provide you with the most aesthetically pleasing Minecraft experience on the planet. Hot, fresh and sexy themes await!

    • MultiOS Support  

      You pick the hardware and we’ll make sure Reflex runs on it. The Reflex Hacked Client fully embraces MulitOS Support by proving full-scale usability across Windows, Mac and Linux OS’.

    • In-game IRC

      Ummmm……well….hello? Hey there! Some of the coolest Minecraft players that live north, south, east and west of the Mississippi all chit-chat using the in-game Reflex IRC.

    • OptiFine TuneUp

      We want you to have the most enjoyable experience so Reflex comes packed with OptiFine right out of the box. Enjoy HD texture packs, greater rendering distances and higher FPS!

    • A Whole Lot More!

      We can’t possibly list all the new features in Reflex – we want you to discover some on your own! Download Reflex, have a play and enjoy the smooth and relaxing Reflex gameplay…

  • Cheats

    • Aimbot
    • AnitKnockback
    • AntiBlindness
    • AntiFall
    • AntiRain
    • Astronaut
    • AutoBlock
    • AutoDisconnect
    • AutoFish
    • AutoMine
    • AutoSwitch
    • AutoTool
    • Breadcrumbs
    • Bunny Hop
    • ChestESP
    • Climb
    • Criticals
    • Derp
    • Dolphin
    • FastBreak
    • FastPlace
    • Flight
    • FullBright
    • Glide
    • Godmode
    • Hyper
    • KillAura
    • MobESP
    • NameTags
    • Night Vision
    • NoFall
    • NoSwing
    • Nuker
    • PacketSneak
    • PlayerESP
    • ProphuntESP
    • RageMode
    • Regen
    • Sneak
    • Sprint
    • Step
    • Step NoCheat+
    • Timer
    • Tracers
    • Trajectories
    • Waypoints
    • WorldEditESP
    • Xray


    • Controls


    • RSHIFT: Click GUI

      Tab GUI Controls

      Commands: .help

      IRC: @message