:: Server Staff Application



    Minecraft IGN:

    What languages do you speak?

    What country do you live in?

    How long have you played Minecraft for?

    How long have you played on for?

    How many hours a day/week can you moderate the forums and in-game?

    Are you confident in your abilities to communicate with other users, whether being on voice chat or in-game?

    What experience do you have moderating a community or game?

    Why should you be STAFF? Why do you want to be STAFF?

    SCENARIO: You, as STAFF; you see a person spamming and swearing in chat, how would you approach this situation?

    What are your thoughts regarding the line between having fun with your friends, and breaking the rules? Do you think it’s appropriate to bend the rules at the stake of having a good time? Or is rule breaking completely unacceptable regardless of the situation? Please explain your opinion.

    What is your take on another staff member abusing? How would you handle the situation? Would it be through a forum post, an email? What is your point of view on this?