Minecraft 1.3.2 Hacked Client – Epsilon + Download

Minecraft 1.3.2 Hacked Client – Epsilon + Download 🙂

Download: HERE!!!

Minecraft Hacked Client Library: HERE!!!

Client: Epsilon 2.0
Client by: ekgame

Download: HERE!!!

Key binds:
Open the GUI with G.
Type “.bind list” in-game to see all the key binds.
Use “.bind add HackName” to bind a new hack (Start of with a capital letter to see suggestions. Ex. Instant, xRay, AutoKill, etc…)

Type in a dot (“.”) into the chat and you will see suggestions for every command.
If you wish to send a dot in front of a message, use 2 dots instead of one (Ex. “..whatever” will output as “.whatever” in the game chat)

Commands are still in progress, so there are not many of them.

Misc info:
To add/remove people to/from your friends list, click “+”/”-” in the Players window.
If you want to report a but, just post a reply to this post.
Some hacks are not yet implemented, but have buttons for place-holders.
Only use the client if you know what you are doing. A good idea is to test it out localy before using on a normal server.
No “QuickSteak” yet 🙁
EditWorld and AutoCrafting (buggy) does exist though 😀

Known bugs:
No reconnect button
You can kill yourself with AutoKill while using FreeCam
Chams only render on one player

Download: HERE!!!

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