Minecraft 1.4.6 & 1.4.7 Hacked Client – WeepCraft + Download

Minecraft 1.4.6 & 1.4.7 Hacked Client – WeepCraft + Download πŸ™‚

1.4.7 compatible!


Client: WeepCraft
Client by: FLYCODER

Left Control: GUI
H: Advanced Hud

WorldEdit Griefing (Requires OP & WorldEdit) (NC+)
180 – Turns you around (NC+)
AfkDetect – Detect afk players (NC+)
Aimbot – Auto aims at near by players (NC+)
All – Toggles all hacks in the window (NC+)
Annihilator – Multi ID Nuker (NC+)
AntiHurtcam – No screen shake on hits (NC+)
AntiKnockback – No Knockback on hit (NC+)
ArmorESP – Item ESP for players (NC+)
AutoAccept – Auto Accepts TPA requests from friends (NC+)
AutoBlock – Auto blocks if sword is in hand (NC+)
AutoDig – Auto Digs for choosen block (NC+)
AutoDisconnect – Auto Disconnects at set hearts (NC+)
AutoEat – Auto eats when hunger is low (NC+)
AutoFish – Auto fishes if your facing water (NC+)
AutoHeal – Auto heals you faster than normal
AutoMiner – Auto mines when mouse is over a block (NC+)
AutoPlace – Auto places block on mouse over
AutoPoison – Auto eats when hunger is low (NC+)
AutoRegister – Auto Register on (cracked,offline) mode servers (NC+)
AutoRespawn – Auto respawns on death (NC+)
AutoSign – Auto sets sign text (NC+)
AutoStew – Auto eats stew on low hp (KitPvP) (NC+)
AutoSwitch – Auto switches hand item (NC+)
AutoTool – Auto picks the best tool on block click (NC+)
AutoTorch – Auto places torch if light level is below set amount (NC+)
AutoWalk – Auto walks (NC+)
BowAimbot – Aims at players with the bow (NC+)
Build – Auto builds on [Right Click/Update]
BunnyHop – Bunny hops for faster speed (NC+)
ChestESP – See Chests (NC+)
ChestStealer – Steals nearby chests (NC+)
Clear – Clears the chat and console (NC+)
Crasher – Trys to Crashes Online Mode Server (NC+)
CustomKeybind – Binds a key to send message to console (NC+)
Day – Sets the world time to day (NC+)
Derp – Sets your look position to random things (NC+)
Drop – [All,Hotbar,Inventory,Creative,Command] [ItemID] Drops items uses (NC+)
Emo – Hits your self
FastPlace – Places blocks faster than normal (NC+)
Flight – Levitates off the ground or glides
Follow – Follows a player (NC+)
Font – CustomFont Strings (NC+)
Freecam – Goes out of your body (NC+)
FullBright – See in the dark (NC+)
Ghost – Alows you to walk while dead *Cant do anything beside walking (NC+)
God – Makes you unkillable β€˜you cant move but still hit’
GuiMenu – Opens the gui (NC+)
Help – Gets all commands (NC+)
HighJump – Jumps higher than normal
HitESP – Makes a ESP on the player if you can hit him (NC+)
InstantEat – Instantly (eats,drinks) (NC+)
Jesus – Walks,Lava on water (NC+)
JetPack – JetPack fly upwards when pressing space
Keybind – Binds hack to choosen key (NC+)
KillAura – Kills near by entitys (NC+)
Knockback – Knockback entitys on hit
Label – Puts labels on entity (Mobs/Items) (NC+)
Mine – Mines faster than normal (NC+)
MobESP – Extrasensory perception (NC+)
NoCheat – Bypass NoCheat/NoCheatPlus (NC+)
NoClip – Noclips though blocks max 8
NoFall – No fall damage
NoRender – Stops rendering (Items/XP/Boats/Minecarts) and so on (NC+)
NoResis – No resistance on (Soulsand,Water,Web)
NoSwing – No swinging on your arm on mouse click
NoWeather – No (Rain,Storm,Snow) (NC+)
NoWorld – Avoids Damage from (Cactus,Fire) (NC+)
Notify – Notifys you if a player is in range (NC+)
Nuker – Auto breaks block around you (NC+)
OP – OP’s your entire alt list [Requires OP] (NC+)
OpAbuse – Respect my authority (Requires OP & Essentials) (NC+)
Overlay – Block overlay for (nuker, build, items) (NC+)
Panic – Turns of EVERYTHING (NC+)
Ping – Opens the ping gui (NC+)
PlayerEsp – Extrasensory perception (NC+)
Protect – Name protect client side (NC+)
Pwnage – External Pwnage (NC+)
Recording – Hides your name and your alt lists name (NC+)
RemoteView – [Name] See though orther players eyes (NC+)
SafeAfk – Disconnects on hit (NC+)
Say – Sends a chat message (Mainly used for CustomKeys) (NC+)
Scrape – Scrapes all online usernames to WeepScrapes.txt (NC+)
Search – Searchs for block ID (NC+)
Sneak – Sneaks for you (NC+)
Social – Player status (NC+)
Spammer – Opens the Spammer (NC+)
Spawn – [Name] Spawns a client side NPC (NC+)
Speed – Walk Faster than normal
SpiderClimb – Climb blocks
Sprint – Auto sprints (NC+)
Step – Steps over blocks (NC+)
TeleportClick – Teleport on block click
Throw – Throws set amount on Right Click
Thrust – Thrust throws you forward and upwards
Timer – Sets the world faster than normal
Tracer – Traces entitys (NC+)
Track – Tracks player movement (NC+)
Wallhack – See Players though blocks (NC+)
WaterBreath – Beaths underwater β€˜Requires a bucket in your inventory’ (NC+)
Waypoint – Waypoint A point between major points on a route, a along a track. (NC+)
Window – Custom Gui Windows (NC+)
Xray – See though blocks (NC+)
Zoom – Zooms your camera view (NC+)
getHigh – Get high minecraft style! (NC+)

Download: HERE!!!

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