Minecraft 1.4.6 & 1.4.7 Hacked Client – Odobenus + Download

Minecraft 1.4.6 & 1.4.7 Hacked Client – Odobenus + Download 🙂

1.4.7 compatible!


Client: Odobenus
Client by: Halalacaust/Merlin Walrus Pants

Right Shift = GUI
UP Arrow = Keybind menu

Console Commands:
UP – teleports X ammount
FRIEND – add / delete friends to the friend system. This is if the Manage Friends draggable is bugging out.
ALIAS – Basically a nameprotect. add / delete names.
NOCHEAT – toggle nocheat mode.
TITLE – change the top-left text to something of your liking.
ALT – check if anyone on the server is on your private alt list
SCRAPE – scrapes usernames from the server into a text file.
NUKER – edit the nuker, make it nuke IDs. or all blocks.
SPAM – a Threaded 1 second spammer.
OP – (OP ONLY) attemps to /op and /pex all accounts on the alt manager.

Spoiler (Click to Hide)
Sneak Hack – sneaks for ye
Speed Hack – Makes you walk faster (Adjustable)
Speedy Gonzales – mines blocks faster (Adjustable)
Kill Aura – Attacks entities for you, NoCheat Bypass! (Adjustable)
Smasher – Breaks all 1-hit blocks, originally a torch annihilator NoCheat Bypass!
Brightness – Full Bright. Brightens the world. (Adjustable)
X-Ray – sees blocks that.. you wanna see lolol like ores n shit. (Adjustable)
Sprint – Sprints for you. (Also sprints faster than normal.) NoCheat Bypass!
Nuker – Nukes selected blocks, shows selected blocks. (Adjustable) NoCheat Bypass!
ESP – Renders rectangles around players, showing their direction, if they’re selected by the kill aura, and turns color if they get hit.
Flight – flys ’round n shit. (Adjustable)
Instant – more of a pre-break, mines blocks faster.
NameTags – Scales names up when you back away, making them easier to see.
AutoTool – switches to the best tool in your hot-bar.
NoFall – stops fall damage.
AutoSign – automagically place a sign with a preset text on it. You assign the text by placing a sign normally, then clicking the autosign button when you have the text ready.
FreeCam – allow you to fly outside of your body freely to explore around you.
NoRender – stops rendering drops. (useful for lag, or annoying ass blocks)
FastPlace – place blocks faster. (Adjustable)
Auto Tree – places down saplings, then bonemeal to mass create trees. (Adjustable)
NoWeather – stops rendering the weather. (can lag you, or annoy you.)
Tracer – traces a line to other players, changing color by distance.
NoSwing – stops swinging your arm.
Jesus – walk on water.
WallHack – see entities through the wall.
WallClimb – climb up walls, like a spider.
NoPush – stop being pushed by stuff. Also an anti-knockback.
BreadCrumbs – draws a dashed line showing where you’ve been.
Chams – shows where the entities body can be seen when they’re behind cover
HeadInBody – puts your head in your body NoCheat Bypass!
Retard – regular derp mode NoCheat Bypass!
MoonWalk – makes your head go backwards n shit NoCheat Bypass!
L33t Speak – m4k35 y0u t41k 1ik3 7hi5
Caps Speak – Makes You Talk Like This
Optifine (HD Texture support, with optimized gameplay, and more customization for performance)
NoCheat mode
Bow Aimbot – aimbots with the adjusted bow angles
Auto Soup – automagically eats soups
Step Hack – make your player walk up blocks (Adjustable)
Hit Spheres – draws a sphere around players, showing their hit range.
High Jump – jump super high. (Adjustable)
Auto Jump – Jumps up when you collide against a block. A nocheat alternative for step.
Customizable GUI colors
Simple GUI
Draggable GUI
Arraylist GUI
Saving/Loading waypoints, friend, keybinds, other shit
Waypoint System
Death Waypoints
Account Manager
Friend System (VERY user-friendly)
Custom Keybinds
Proxy option (SOCKS5)
Custom Ingame buttons
Username Changer
Cactus’s literally cannot hurt you. Unless you jump on top of it.
Steal / Store / Boom buttons for chests
Drop button for inventory
Highlights the ‘items of interest’ in inventories and in chests.
Text Radar
Custom Font System

Download: HERE!!!

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