Minecraft 1.4.7 Hacked Client – Wrath + Download

Minecraft 1.4.7 Hacked Client – Wrath + Download 🙂


Client: Wrath
Client by: sack of IT/shoeb0x

GUI: . (period)
Aura: F
AutoSoup: U
AutoTool: Z
Brightness: G
Fly: I
FreeCam: V
Nuker: N
Speedmine: Y
Sprint: C
Tracers: R
Xray: X

Aura: A forcefield that will keep mobs and players at bay. Perfect for KitPvP servers and Minecraft Hunger Games.
AutoFish: Automatically catches fish for you when you cast your fishing rod into water.
AutoSoup: A hack for when you are on KitPvP servers, automatically eats soup and heals you. Also works for mcpvp.
AutoTool: Automatically switches to the correct tool for the block you are hitting, or the correct weapon for the entity you are attacking.
Blur: Slightly blurs the screen using accumulative buffers. Some graphics cards may not support this, so if nothing changes while it is on, just turn it off and feel sad.
Breadcrumb: When on, draws a line where you have been. Handy for finding your way back to bases when you don’t have time to set a waypoint.
Brightness: Fading brightness, changes the inner gamma value (not player gamma!) to brighten up the screen.
Fly: Allows you to fly using the default Minecraft fly.
FreeCam: Allows you to look around anywhere you wish, you are able to fly and clip through blocks. Useful for finding bases on factions servers.
Glide: Slows falling speed to allow you to glide to other areas.
Jesus: Allows you to ‘skip’ across water.
NoFall: Prevents the player from taking fall damage. Only works on vanilla servers / servers without any form of anti-cheat.
Nuker: Survival nuker for breaking many blocks very quickly. Customizable mode, Box, or Flat.
Speedmine: Changes the current block damage to break blocks faster. You can change the break modifier.
Sprint: Automatically sprints for you when moving forward.
Tracers: Draws lines to players around you. The color fades between red, orange, yellow, and green depending on how far the player is away from you.
Unpushable: Keeps you from being knocked back by damage.
Waypoints: Allows you to set waypoints, drawing a line to them and drawing the waypoint name in 3D space.
Xray: An extremely customizable Xray. Allows you to pick and choose which block id’s you would like to view using !xray

Download: HERE!!!

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