Minecraft 1.4.7 Hacked Client – OreoPVP + Download

Minecraft 1.4.7 Hacked Client – OreoPVP + Download 🙂


Client: OreoPVP
Client by: OreoHitman

Game Options > Controls

Spoiler (Click to Hide)
.help 1 – Help page 1.
.help 2 – Help page 2.
.nowater – Don’t get pushed by water.
.friend (add/del) username – Add/Delete friends.
.smine – Mine faster.
.nofall – Don’t take fall damage.
.instant – Break blocks with 1 click.
.crits – Does more damage to players and mobs.
.sneak – Sneak client side.
.fplace – Place blocks faster.
.click – Automatically left click.
.legit – Makes your screen look normal.
.block – Auto-Block for Forcefield and MobFF.
.jesus – Walk on water.
.kitpvp – Turns on KitPvP mode.
.god – Never die.

**If a feature has (NCP) at the end, it works as normal & also bypasses NoCheatPlus.
Spoiler (Click to Hide)
*Forcefield – Automatically attack players around you. (NCP)
*MobFF – Automatically attack mobs around you. (NCP)
*Sprint – Automatically start sprinting if you start walking forward. (NCP)
*Fly – This type of fly is NotchFly but just made it a tad faster.
*FastPlace – Place blocks faster. (Should be NCP)
*Instant – Break blocks with 1 click. (NCP)
*SpeedMine – Breaks blocks faster. (NCP)
*Xray – Not opac. This lets you see valuable blocks through walls.
*Brightness – Makes brightness go up to 1000 instead of the max amount 100.
*AutoBlock – Blocks automatically for you when using Forcefield or MobFF.
*Tracer – Points to players.
*KitPvP – If this mode is enabled, Sprint will become a bit faster, and AutoStew is enabled.
*AutoStew – Automatically eats stew. (Made for KitPvP Servers)
*NoFall – Don’t take fall damage.
*NoKnockback – Don’t get knockback from anything. (NCP doesn’t even battle this XD)
*NoWaterPush – Don’t get pushed from streams of water. (NCP Doesn’t battle this, either.)

Download: HERE!!!