Minecraft 1.4.7 Hacked Client – Vanity + Download

Minecraft 1.4.7 Hacked Client – Vanity + Download 🙂


Client: Vanity
Client by: Darkldrago108 (Stl Missouri – Original Vanity, captian7 – update)

Grave, `, ~ = GUI

.vanitycrash – Unpatchable crash exploit!
.add – This protects the players username with the alias you choose. This will also stop the Kill Aura from attacking them.
.opacity – changes opacity which can be changed in GUI as well.
.legit – Disables the client.
.tp x y z – Teleports you the coordinates X, Y & Z.
.loc playername – Locates the players position and says it in the chat.
.up – Teleports you up.
.down – Teleports you down.
.bind add – bind a hack to the key you want.

Fly – Speaks of it’s self; allows you to fly all over the place.
Nofall – Makes you take no fall damage.
Speedy Gonzalez – Mine Faster.
Nuker(Survival/Creative) – Makes blocks go bye bye.
Kill Aura – Kills all entitys in area.
Old Reliant GUI remake.

Known Bugs:
GUI cannot be moved around.
Fullbright does not work.
You cannot use TTF chat without having colors disabled in “Multiplayer Settings”.
None of the retard mode work.

Download: HERE!!!