Minecraft 1.4.4 & 1.4.5 Hacked Client – Xenon + Download

Minecraft 1.4.4 Hacked Client – Xenon + Download 🙂

1.4.5 Compatible!

Download: HERE!!!

Minecraft Hacked Client Library: HERE!!!

Client: Xenon
Client by: Ownage

Up arrow: GUI
R: Fly
C: Fullbright
B: Step
X: Xray
F: Sprint
H: SpeedMine
N: NoFall
GUI: SpeedHack
GUI: Auto Tool
K: Kill Aura
Z: Sneak
L: FastPlace
V: Freecam
Y: Chest ESP
U: Big names
O: Tracers
P: Player ESP
Comma: Nuker
Period: Text Radar

Auto soup
Alt manager
Sexy GUI
NC+ bypassed kill aura
TTF Chat
Many commands, type .help.

All the keys are rebindable. Use: .bind add hack key and .bind del key.

Download: HERE!!!


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