Minecraft 1.4.4 & 1.4.5 Hacked Client – Vanity + Download

Minecraft 1.4.4 Hacked Client – Vanity + Download 🙂

1.4.5 Compatible!

Download: HERE!!!

Minecraft Hacked Client Library: HERE!!!

Client: Vanity
Client by: STL (remake by captian7)

GUI = Right Shift
Fly Normal = R
Fly NC+ = k
Kill Aura = F
AutoSoup = O
Fullbright = B
Speedy Gonzalez = V
Sprint = C
Xray = X
Sneak = Z
Annihilator = L
Nofall = N
Tracers = G
NukePick= {
Revive = }
FreeCam = M

.quotePlayernamehere – if your an op it will say your an idiot – namehere and it will op that person pretty useless but fun 🙂
.add name aliasyouwant – adds them as a friend so kill aura wont hurt them
.load – loads the nameprotect file so you dont have to add yourself each time
.wp [add x y z] [here] – adds a opengl line to the coords you chose
.opacity – changes opacity which can be changed in gui aswell
.legit – turns on legit mode
.tp x y z – teleport to x y z not nc bypass
.loc playername – locates players and tells the coords
.up – teleports up few blocks
.down – teleports down few blocks
.chestesp – turns on chest esp toggable through gui
.anni – annihilator in nukers tab you type the block id you want to nuke and it only nukes that block
.search – with search enabled under esp options it will draw an esp around the blockid you choose
.bind add – bind a hack to the key you want

Download: HERE!!!

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